‘Child from the light’ is a child friendly lighthearted Music CD.
With songs written by Linnet and inspired by the music projects she gave to the children in Nepal.

This download contains high quality music files of  Volume 2, a total of 11 songs.

01 – Child from the light
02 – Alles wat jij bent
03 – Power of I am
04 – Glendalough
05 – Elisa
06 – Stay in the light
07 – Radiant
08 – Restlessness
09 – Bluebird
10 – Open the door
11 – Do what you please

All music and lyrics by Linnet van der Wal
Produced by Nineyard studio Recorded, mixed and mastered by Max Sombroek
Design cover and booklet: Lea Sormani English grammar: De Moel vertalingen and Sameena Khan